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Advanced Camera Services now offer Infra Red and Quartz filter conversions on most digital SLRs. We can fit any of the filters to your donor camera or can supply cameras already converted.

With our digitial infra red photography conversions it is now possible to photograph infra red images hand held at low ISO speeds and without the need for infra red filters. Since you no longer need to use an IR filter in front of your lens, it is much easier to change lenses, compose and focus.

With our quartz IR and visible photography conversions, it is now possible to place IR filters in the front of your lenses making your camera dual purpose but lacking the focusing and metering advantages of individual IR conversions.

So instead of selling your old DSLR on e-Bay, have it converted and start taking brilliant pictures.

Click here – BBC infrared HD footage of lions taken on ACS converted Canon 5D MKII with infrared flood.

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